Roughly twelve years in the industry as a master stylist and make-up professional - and I have never been more in love with what I do!

Much of this comes from continued education and the thirst to learn more.  I strive to apply what I've learned to each client interaction - always hoping to elevate your in-chair or on set experience.

I have participated in classes and seminars across the US - most recently:

  • Redken Exchange (New York): Comprehensive seminar on the latest hair styling trends and tools. Participated in a portfolio photo-shoot from conception to in-shoot styling.
  • Tracey Cunningham Color Class (Los Angeles): Intensive color class focusing on Brunettes to Blondes (seriously changed my life!)


  • Multi-Dimensional Hair Color
    • Foils
    • Balayage
  • Brunettes
  • Long Hair
  • Textured Hair
  • Bridal Styling
  • Professional Make-up

Available for TRAVEL - please contact for additional information.


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Prim & Proper:

Since 2014, working proudly along side a group of talented women at the Prim and Proper Hair and Beauty Lounge in Riverside, CA.

A salon focused on constantly inspiring and empowering its artists - but more importantly providing a wonderful client experience.

I would not be where I am without these ladies.


7000 Indiana Ave, Unit #109
Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 289-9458


I am incredibly blessed to call this man my husband, hubby & better half. He has provided endless support and continually encourages me to live out what I've envisioned to be the perfect career.

Emily & Natalie:

We have two crazy little girls who are our definition of perfect! Emily is six years old and Natalie is two years old. Although it may get difficult juggling work, play-time, and starting first grade - I love nothing more than teaching my girls, by example, to go after their dreams and pursue a career that they're passionate about. 

"They are my inspiration and drive."